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THEse dumps are the $#!%

Homemade dumplings made in Atlanta. 

Order by Wednesday for Saturday pickup, or visit us at our next pop-up!

Handmade with Love

Welcome to Kat's Dumps! We pride ourselves on bringing you homemade  dumplings from scratch. Our dough is made in house and all ingredients are hand selected for the freshest flavor. Of course, all dumps are made to order!

Rooted in Family Traditions

Dumplings have played such an important part of our lives. Whether it was a family reunion or holiday gathering, you could be sure that there would be time set aside for a huge dumpling making party. Dumplings have always brought us together, and not to mention are super delicious!

Comfort with a Twist

We want to combine traditional family comfort food with a modern, Asian-American inspired twist. So here we are - creating daily to bring you the most flavor in a dough wrapped dump. Stay tuned as we bring you a new flavor every month!

Join the dump fam

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