The Writing Center provides assistance to ░─├┼└Âď┬┴┴ students with writing projects in╠řcourses across the curriculum.

Scheduling Appointments╠řStudents may schedule Writing Center appointments by calling the library, visiting the library reference desk in person, or utilizing Starfish. (For more information about using Starfish to schedule appointments, please view this )╠ř

Please keep the following policies in mind:

  • Appointments can be scheduled up to one week in advance.
  • Students are limited to two non-consecutive hours of Writing Center assistance╠řper class, per week. (Appointments may╠řnot be scheduled back-to-back.)
  • If you are 10 minutes late for╠řyour appointment and have not contacted the Writing Center to cancel, your appointment╠řmight be given away to a student waiting for walk-in assistance.
  • Failure to show for an╠řappointment (without calling to cancel in advance) twice during a semester will result in appointment╠řprivileges being revoked for the remainder of the semester. The Writing Center offers walk-in╠řassistance when appointments are not filled.
  • In order to be available to as many students as possible, the Writing Center reserves the right to cancel any appointment which violates our scheduling policies.

Student Conduct in the Writing CenterStudents in the Writing Center must abide by the College's and╠řAcceptable Use Policy. This Code of Conduct prohibits engaging in assaults and threats,╠řparticipating in discrimination and harassment, dishonesty (including cheating and plagiarism), disruptive behavior, lewd behavior, alcohol and drug use on College premises,╠řfailure to comply with college officials, fighting, violations of the Acceptable Use policy in╠řthe use of College computers and the ░─├┼└Âď┬┴┴ network, and failure to abide by laws governing╠řthe State of Michigan.

Any student who does not comply with the Code of Conduct and the╠řAcceptable Use Policy may be denied Writing Center services and asked to leave the facility.

Proof of Visit╠řStudents who need to provide proof of their Writing Center visits to their instructors╠řshould, prior to visiting the Writing Center, ask the instructor what information they should╠řcollect in order to receive credit for visiting. Most instructors will ask their students to╠řprovide them with the date and time of the visit, the first name of the Writing Consultant,╠řand a brief description of the feedback they received. Some instructors, however, may╠řrequire students to answer more in-depth questions in order to receive credit for visiting╠řthe Writing Center.

Please note: Your instructor will be able to contact the Writing Center╠řfor verification of your visit, so be sure to report accurate information about date, time and╠řthe name of the person who assisted you. Writing Consultants cannot sign their names to╠řstudent papers.

Plagiarized Assignments╠řThe Writing Center assumes no responsibility on behalf of students who choose to submit╠řplagiarized material in ░─├┼└Âď┬┴┴ courses. Additionally, the Writing Center assumes no╠řresponsibility for reporting plagiarism to instructors or college administrators. However,╠řWriting Center employees do reserve the right to refuse assistance with written material╠řthat is intentionally plagiarized.

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